June 14, 2024

Punjab Scholarship 2023

Punjab Scholarship

PEEF is a Punjab scholarship program that provides funds at the doorstep of deserving and talented students. The scholarship package includes a 100 % tuition discount (for regular semesters only)

Punjab Scholarship – (Punjab Educational Endowment Fund)

The government of Punjab administers the Punjab Educational Endowment Fund, which establishes opportunities for Punjab scholarships for brilliant boys and girls students. It was founded by its director Shahbaz Sharif (Chief Minister of Punjab). It gives Punjab university scholarships to brilliant students who can’t bear the cost of their educational expenses. 

The Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) scholarship scheme is an endeavor of the Government of Punjab. It is enlisted under area 42 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984, to become more effective, straightforward, and independent in its operations. 

The organization was incorporated on 31st December 2008, and a seed amount of Rs.2 billion was allocated for the enrichment reserve. Punjab scholarship funding has now been extended to Rs. 8 billion, and the government of Pakistan’s Punjab has promised to increase enrichment assets to Rs. 10 billion in the current fiscal year 2012-13. Only the investment proceeds from this fund go toward Punjab scholarship awards.

PEEF aims to provide university scholarships to talented and necessary students so that they can study for quality education. The Punjab Education Endowment Fund was established to help less privileged and talented young people from Punjab achieve their educational goals and bring them to the base of the best wealth and pursue other goals. :

  • The Punjab scholarship is for bright and less preferred students in Pakistan, especially in Pakistan’s Punjab, to bring them to a happier base.
  • Making a minimum amount of capable youth for the advancement of society.
  • Special quotas for identifying and supporting marginalized students
  • Supporting the Unprivileged and brilliant students of PBTE in different regions – including Gilgit-Baltistan, FATA, Azad Kashmir, and Islamabad capital region.  
  • Starting from the initiation of its tasks in 2009, PEEF has awarded more than Punjab scholarships, 41000 grants with a value exceeding PKR 2 billion.


Undergraduate Level program

Eligibility Criteria:

To meet all requirements to apply for the Punjab scholarship Program, the student should have:

  • Punjab domicile.
  • Achieved at least 60% on last degree’s final exams.
  • As a full-time student passed the following exams:
  • Government institutions or permanent scholars in the relevant academy.
  • As a Private Candidate or
  • Private Institution (low charge private foundations).
  • Month to month family pay of groups of the chosen understudy isn’t more than Rs.30,000.
  • Not gaining any other educational scholarship during the academic year.

Scholarship Package

  • The monthly amount of Rs. 9680/- updated as needed.
  • Scholarship recipients are responsible for any fees that aren’t covered by the scholarship.

Masters Level Scholarship program

Eligibility Criteria

  • Understudies should have a Punjab domicile.
  • Achieved at least 60% imprints or a base CGPA of 2.5 in BA/B.Sc./B.COM/BS/BBA and so on assessment (yearly) in Punjab.
  • Gotten admission as a full-time understudy in the ongoing scholarly year in one of the accomplice’s University/Degree Awarding Institution.
  • Students enrolled for spring/fall meetings (where applicable) and morning/afternoon/evening meetings (where relevant) are additionally qualified to apply for PEEF Masters scholarships.
  • The announced monthly income of guardians (from all sources) is equivalent to or not as much as Rs. 37,000/-.
  • Children of Govt. workers in BPS 1-4 are absolved from the state of pay, assuming compensation is just a kind of revenue.

Scholarship Package

  • 100 % educational fee (Only for regular semesters).
  • Payment to the chosen scholars at the accompanying rates:
  • Day scholar Rs. 3,000/ – each month or as amended.
  • Visitor Rs. 5,000/ – each month or as amended.

Instructions to Apply

  • When scholarships become available, institutions are notified. Possibly in October/September. Students can also access information through a web portal.
  • Understudies may apply by submitting pertinent Application Forms in their foundations.
  • Students entering in the fall studying in the first semester (ONLY) & entering in the spring studying in the second semester (ONLY) are eligible to apply.
  • Forms for shortlisted applications are to be sent to the NUST Financial Aid Office, PGP Dte.
  • Students must appear at NUST Main Office for an interview with the scholarship award committee.

Continuation of Scholarship

  • Scholarship continuation is dependent on: 
  • Satisfactory academic performance.
  • The student’s good behavior.
  • Submitting progress reports to FAO at the end of each semester.
  • Students are responsible for submitting Scholarship Disbursement and Acknowledgement sheets to the FAO on time at the end of each semester.
  • Funding Availability 

Please visit the PEEF website by clicking here.

PEEF Additional Scholarships

Punjab Board of Technical Education

The PEEF has allocated a quota of 468 scholarships to the Punjab Technical Education Council (PBTE) students for 2020-21. This quota includes outreach scholarships and special quotas. The quota is allocated regardless of the gender of the students.

The allocation of scholarships for the years 2020-21 is as follows:

Eligibility criteria

  • To be eligible for a PEEF scholarship, a student must have:
  • Passed Matric-Tech., Commercial and Technical PBTE annual exam Govt. Institutions or privately associated institutions
  • Secured at least 60% of the mark on the exam
  • Full-time enrollment in a regular educational institution for the same academic year during which the exam was taken.
  • Parents’ monthly income is equal to or less than PKR 23,000 / –
  • BPS 1-4 officials’ children are excluded from the income limit if their only source of income is their salary.
  • Students must fall within one of the following special quota categories in order to receive a special quota scholarship:
  • Orphans
  • Children of BPS Board of Directors 1 – 4
  • Children belonging to a religious minority
  • Special children
  • Citizens are tortured in terrorist attacks.

Process of selection

  • The annual scholarship quota is announced by the PBTE office.
  • According to policy, the PBTE shortlists students according to their degrees and districts based on the results of the current annual examination.
  • PBTE sends PEEF scholarship applications to shortlisted students at their home addresses / at their previous institution where the student passed the exam
  • The PEEF scholarship application forms are filled in by the applicants and returned to the PBTE Secretary / PBTE Central Office. The PBTE Secretary’s Office / PBTE Contact Person will select students and submit PEEF nominations in the designated scholarship award template. PEEF nomination in the set scholarship award template.
  • The scholarship is issued and paid once every two years through the institutions in which the students are currently enrolled.


The children of officials in BPS 1-4 are excluded from the income limit criteria if the salary is the only source of income.

The income limit of Rs. 23,000/- is also waived for children of victims of terrorist attacks.

The Punjab Technical Education Council (PBTE) is responsible for informing PEEF scholarships to potential students and selecting students for PEEF scholarships.

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