May 30, 2024

Class 12 Urdu Notes Free Download In PDF 2023

Class 12 Urdu Notes

Urdu is a similarly important subject as the other subjects as well as learning Urdu is very imperative. We have provided the best Class 12 Urdu Notes for the student of class 12 to prepare themselves for the final exam. Just scroll here and download it easily.

Class 12 Urdu Notes

Urdu is an important and compulsory course taught to both art and science majors. Urdu is our national language. Urdu is a very deep language and it enhances our intelligence and builds our character. Urdu is an important language in Pakistan. Urdu is one of the most expressive and moderate languages on the earth. It is deep and full as it contains words from many other languages as well as their own words.

Urdu unites us. No nation can last long without a common language. Urdu, despite this, is the protector of our unity. For the stated purpose, we have uploaded the best quality Class 12 Urdu Notes, so every student of class 12 gets high marks in the exam with the help of these notes. 

Class 12 Urdu Notes

Class 12 Urdu Notes PDF 

Our highly respected and capable teachers have prepared these Class 12 Urdu Notes PDFs for our hardworking students so that our students can prepare themselves in the best possible way. These notes also are according to the Punjab board students can take this prospect from our website to get these notes entirely free here. 

In these notes, you can also learn how to present your exam and how to get maximum marks in the Urdu exam. In addition to this, all the imperative points and things are explained in the best and easiest possible way as well. By finding these notes, students will easily determine solutions for the exam. 

Download Full Urdu Notes Class 12

Urdu Notes For Class 12 Punjab Board 

Many people will agree that Urdu has a particular rhythm. He has the honor and benefit of being raised and patronized in the company of some of the world’s greatest poets and writers. He perfected this language and unlike other languages, if you read poetry and prose in Urdu, you will know that this enlightenment intended to write not only great poetry and prose but also very strong and emotional with Urdu. For the stated determination, we provide the best and most relevant exam material to all students is a priority for our team. Stay tuned with us for additional updates visit this website regularly to download the Urdu Notes for Class 12 Punjab board and other materials as well.

2nd Year Urdu Notes In PDF

ChaptersChapter NameMedium
1Manaqib Umar Bin Abdul AzizUrdu Medium
2Tashkeel e PakistanUrdu Medium
3Nawab Mohsin ul MalikUrdu Medium
4Mehnat pasand Khirad MandUrdu Medium
5Akbari ki HamaqateinUrdu Medium
6Pehli FatahUrdu Medium
7DastakUrdu Medium
8HawaiUrdu Medium
9Molana Zafar AliUrdu Medium
10Qartaba ka QaziUrdu Medium
11MawasalatUrdu Medium
12Molvi Nazeer AhmadUrdu Medium
13Ek SafarnamaUrdu Medium
14Ayub AbassiUrdu Medium
15Hissa NazamUrdu Medium
16Hissa GhazalUrdu Medium

Class 12 Urdu Notes Chapter 1

We work hard to provide the best resources for your studies, students can obtain complete study materials online through our website. We will continue to add updated notes, past papers, and other objects over time. In addition to this, we provide well research and unique Class 12 Urdu Notes Chapter 1 and other chapters as well according to the Punjab board syllabus. So, keep in touch and download these notes free of cost.


So, do not worry, feel free to download the Class 12 Urdu Notes as well as share these notes with colleagues, friends, and people who want to study Urdu.

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