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Class 10 Biology Notes Free Download In PDF 2023

Class 10 Biology Notes

Are you looking for Class 10 Biology Notes? So, you have come to the right place, because of the above, we have provided high-quality and well research work to our students. I hope everyone on this page had a great day too!Biology is the science of life. This is the story of life on earth. It is the science of life forms and life processes.

Biological systems often challenge the natural laws that govern the behavior of matter and energy in our world. Historical biology was useful for knowledge of the human body and its functions. The latter, as we know, is the basis of medical practice. However, parts of biological knowledge were developed independently of human use. Basic questions about the origin of organisms, the origin and development of biodiversity, and the evolution of plants and animals in different habitats have fascinated the imagination of biologists.

Class 10 Biology Notes

We provide quality content that helps students get high marks in exams. For this specific purpose, we have uploaded the Class 10 Biology Notes. Therefore, most students search the internet and find these notes easily with one click, we have given all students the option to share these guidelines with their peers and friends. Just scroll down and find specific notes.

Why is biology important to study?

Biology is part of the science of life – part of the natural sciences – which is the study of life and all living things. It belongs to all that pertains to the institution of life – no matter how small or large – with its structure, character, origin, development, and reproduction.

Class 10 Biology Notes

Biology itself is spread across many different fields, affecting the human race to some extent. Every branch of biology – be it botany, marine biology, or even, to name a few – helps the human race to live healthier and more creative lives.

Download Full Biology Notes 10th Class English Medium

Download Full Biology Notes 10th Class Urdu Medium

Download Class 10 Biology Notes– Chapter wise

We have placed all the necessary materials for class 10 on our website so that they can assist all students in writing the exams and have good notes. This includes quick answers to questions, multiple questions, and detailed notes of all chapters for Class 10 Biology students. Anyone can easily get/inspect these notes head-to-head, which will help to read / view, and print these notes under one roof. Just click on the volume that you want and easily download it.

Class 10 Biology Notes pdf

ChaptersChapter NameMedium
1Gaseous ExchangeEnglish MediumUrdu Medium
2HomeostasisEnglish MediumUrdu Medium
3Coordination and controlEnglish MediumUrdu Medium
4Support and MovementEnglish MediumUrdu Medium
5ReproductionEnglish MediumUrdu Medium
6InheritanceEnglish MediumUrdu Medium
7Man and His EnvironmentEnglish MediumUrdu Medium
8BiotechnologyEnglish MediumUrdu Medium
9PharmacologyEnglish MediumUrdu Medium

Class 10 Biology Notes in English Punjab Board

From the following list, you can easily download Biology notes in English medium for 10th class.

MCQs Chapter 1: 54 Questions

Short Questions Ch 1: 25 Questions

Long Questions Ch 1: 10 Questions

MCQs Chapter 2: 58 Questions

Short Questions Ch 2: 38 Questions

Long Questions Ch 2: 10 Questions

MCQs Chapter 3: 73 Questions

Short Questions Ch 3: 101 Questions

Long Questions Ch 3: 14 Questions

MCQs Chapter 4: 55 Questions

Short Questions Ch 4: 59 Questions

Long Questions Ch 4: 8 Questions

MCQs Chapter 5: 65 Questions

Short Questions Ch 5: 34 Questions

Long Questions Ch 5: 15 Questions

MCQs Chapter 6: 75 Questions

Short Questions Ch 6: 38 Questions

Long Questions Ch 6: 14 Questions

MCQs Chapter 7: 74 Questions

Short Questions Ch 7: 58 Questions

Long Questions Ch 7: 11 Questions

MCQs Chapter 8: 55 Questions

Short Questions Ch 8: 32 Questions

Long Questions Ch 8: 12 Questions

MCQs Chapter 9: 78 Questions

Short Questions Ch 9: 29 Questions

Long Questions Ch 9: 16 Questions

Biology Class 10 Notes in Urdu Punjab Board

From the following list, you can easily download Biology notes in Urdu medium for 10th class:

MCQs Chapter 1: 10 Questions

Short Questions Ch 1: 3 Questions

Long Questions Ch 1: 5 Questions

MCQs Chapter 2: 10 Questions

Short Questions Ch 2: 2 Questions

Long Questions Ch 2: 9 Questions

MCQs Chapter 3: 10 Questions

Short Questions Ch 3: 8 Questions

Long Questions Ch 3: 15 Questions

MCQs Chapter 4:  10 Questions

Short Questions Ch 4: 4 Questions

Long Questions Ch 4: 9 Questions

MCQs Chapter 5: 10 Questions

Short Questions Ch 5: 6 Questions

Long Questions Ch 5: 15 Questions

MCQs Chapter 6: 8 Questions

Short Questions Ch 6: 4 Questions

Long Questions Ch 6: 13 Questions

MCQs Chapter 7: 8 Questions

Short Questions Ch 7: 5 Questions

Long Questions Ch 7: 13 Questions

MCQs Chapter 8: 4 Questions

Short Questions Ch 8: 3 Questions

Long Questions Ch 8: 7 Questions

MCQs Chapter 9: 8 Questions

Short Questions Ch 9: 5 Questions

Long Questions Ch 9: 8 Questions

Download 10th Class Biology – Past Papers

We have provided and uploaded the complete exam preparation and past 10 class papers solution with details. Students can view the 10th Class Biology – Past Papers or any subject on our website. This page is mainly dedicated to previous work in 10th-grade biology. Biology plays an important role in affectionate education. This is because students learn all the basics of biology in that order. 


The best, highest quality research guidelines for Class 10 Students are here. We upload content that is detailed, complete, and easy for students to understand. So don’t waste your time reading and downloading notes online through our website.

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