June 14, 2024

Class 12 Biology Notes Free Download In PDF 2023

Class 12 Biology Notes

Are you looking for Class 12 Biology Notes according to Punjab board syllabus. These notes are prepared by our highly qualified and experienced teachers for the students of class 12. So, stay with us, and visit our website regularly. 

Biology is the scientific study of life. It is a natural science that is wide in scope but has many unified disciplines that connect it as a single, integrated field. For example, all living things are made up of cells that process genetic information encoded in genes that can be passed on to future generations. Biology is the science of life. This is the story of life on earth. It is the science of life forms and life processes.

Class 12 Biology Notes 

Biology is the science of life forms and living processes. It is the science that allows you to discover life on Earth and to discover the undiscovered and unexplained forms of life on Earth or the living processes. We provide you with the most effective way of preparing for the exam in class 12. As a consequence, please find the best and unique quality of Class 12 Biology Notes on our website.  

Biology Notes 

Biology is the science of life. Biologists study the structure, functions, growth, origin, evolution, and distribution of living things. At least nine “umbrella” fields of biology are generally considered, each consisting of several sub-fields.

This wide biology subject covers the use of a number of biological terms, which must be understood in a fundamentally correct way. People involved in the field of science come across many terms while studying, researching, or working. Also, since biology is a part of everyone’s life, it is something that is important to everyone.

Because of the above, we have provided Class 12 Biology Notes PDF wherein prepared by our best and most experienced teachers.  

Class 12 Biology Notes

Biology Notes for Class 12  Punjab Board

Biology considers the study of the structure and evolutionary functions of living things. It is complete and completely based on life. Modern biology has a wide range of ways to discuss important points and data. Biology has a long history. It tells the whole story of our earth and its life story. It provides different data types for different categories. It focuses mainly on the behavior of plants and animals and chemical studies.

We will continue to add updated notes, past papers, and other objects as well. In addition to this, we provide well-researched and unique Biology Notes for Class 12 according to the Punjab board syllabus. So, keep in touch and download these notes free of cost.

Download Full Biology Notes Class 12 English Medium

Class 12 Biology Notes PDF

Every student of Class 12 can focus on any chapter they like. In addition to this, we provide well-researched and unique Class 12 Biology Notes and other chapters as well according to the Punjab board syllabus. All chapters are provided in the timeline order. 

12th Class Biology PDF Notes

ChaptersChapter NameMedium
1HomeostasisEnglish Medium
2Support and MovementsEnglish Medium
3Coordination and ControlEnglish Medium
4ReproductionEnglish Medium
5Growth and DevelopmentEnglish Medium
6Chromosomes and DNAEnglish Medium
7Cell CycleEnglish Medium
8Variation and GeneticsEnglish Medium
9BiotechnologyEnglish Medium
10EvolutionEnglish Medium
11EcosystemEnglish Medium
12Some Major EcosystemEnglish Medium
13Man and His EnvironmentEnglish Medium

MCQs Chapter 10: 106 Questions

Short Questions Ch 10: 31 Questions

Long Questions Ch 10:


We provide detailed, comprehensive, and easy-to-understand content for our students of Class 12. So don’t waste your time and download the 12th Class Biology Notes complete in all respect under one roof.

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