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9th Class Computer Notes For FBISE Free Download In pdf 2022

Our website is the best platform for every student. Class 9 students can get the best study materials, as well as the 9th Class Computer Notes for Federal Board. Class 9 students should take advantage of this opportunity and prepare themselves for the final exam.

9th Class Computer Notes

Our interaction with technology and the role of computer science in our daily lives is constantly increasing, and creating exciting career opportunities. While growing technology and affecting everything in our daily routine, everyone can be at the center of the latest modernization.

In other words, if you want to use your problem-solving skills to create technology that will improve today’s society. Then every student of class 9 will study computer science because this is very essential in the future or very crucial for their higher education. As explained above, we upload the 9th Class Computer Notes Federal Board, which consists of all the chapters, questions, as well as other topics as well.  

9th Class Computer Notes PDF

Computer science is the study of the structure, revolution, and boundaries of information. Computer science is a field that covers all the theory and practical aspects. The practical side of computing can be seen everywhere. Furthermore, computer science is the study of the theoretical foundations of information.

There are many subdivisions of computer science such as computer graphics and many others.  Computer science teaches students the skills of computational and critical thinking as well as how to create new technologies instead of using them. This basic knowledge is essential to prepare students of class 9 for the twenty-first century as well as the modern globe. 

Due to the above, we have provided high-quality, unique notes for the 9th Class Computer Science students. These notes are prepared by our qualified teachers who help the students to get the best score in the exams. So, download the 9th Class Computer Notes PDF.

Class 9 Computer Science Notes Federal Board

Students need to work hard to get good marks in exams and this will happen when a student studies regularly and prepares himself before starting the exam. We support and provide Class 9 Computer Science Notes Federal Board, which is prepared by our capable, professional teachers/lecturers.

So, don’t worry, visit our website regularly and find updated notes, guest papers, past papers, and other educational materials very easily.

Computer Science 9th Class Notes Chapter Wise PDF

Computer science is a challenging subject for the student of class 9, and they need to know about the essential components of the computer. Additionally, students get programming languages and their various elements that every student should know while studying computer science. 

Because of the above, and for the stated purpose, we have uploaded these Computer Science 9th Class Notes Chapter Wise PDF which cover the new syllabus according to the federal board. 

9th Class Computer Science PDF Notes

ChaptersChapter NameMedium
1Fundamentals of ComputerEnglish Medium
2Fundamentals of Operating SystemsEnglish Medium
3Office AutomatonsEnglish Medium
4Data CommunicationsEnglish Medium
5Computer NetworksEnglish Medium
6Computer Security and EthicsEnglish Medium
7AbbreviationsEnglish Medium


Our aim and mission are to help and support the students of class 9 that prepare themselves with the help of these notes for their exams without hesitation. We encourage every student of class 9 to share 9th class computer notes with their friends, and colleagues to learn more easily. If any improvement is required, please leave comments for our advancement.  

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