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On our website everyone can find and download the Class 10 English Notes free which includes answers & questions to all the chapters, summaries, concluding paragraphs, word pairs, etc. These notes should not be limited to you, but should also be shared with your friends and loved ones.

Highlights of Class 10 English Notes

Below are the highlights/benefits of the study with Class 10 English Notes.

  • These notes are made by an expert teacher of the subject.
  • The notes are written in plain language so that students can easily understand them.
  • They are provided in a concise and comprehensive format covering all the important details.
  • Students can also use them for their assessments.
  • Reading these notes helps students to easily understand the chapter.
  • These notes are specially made for Class 10 English student exam preparation.

Notes and Summaries for Class 10 English Students

Here are 10th Class English notes and summaries for every student. These notes and summaries cover all the chapters of the book. These notes are intended to help students understand the chapter by looking at the chapter summaries and key points. Provides a brief overview of the chapter covering the main topic of the story. These English notes and summaries will be very useful for students both in their preparation and in their review.

Class 10 English

Every student must have a strong command of the language as English plays a major role in every student’s life. Also, English is considered the scoring subject in class 10. So, the students who wish to make a good grade in class 10, can work on the subject of English to delightful the exam with colorful grades.

Class 10 English Notes

Free Download Class 10 English Notes in PDF 

Download Full English Notes 10th Class

You can search and download free 10th Class English Notes in PDF format from our website. These Notes have been skillfully created by teachers so that students can read English more effectively and take high marks in the exam. The Class 10 English subject is very important for the student to develop their mind, skills and improve their quality of life by providing job opportunities. So, waste no time and download the mentioned complete notes under one roof.

10th Class English PDF Notes

ChaptersChapter NameMedium
1Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) an Embodiment of JusticeEnglish Medium
2Chinese New YearEnglish Medium
3Try AgainEnglish Medium
4First AidEnglish Medium
5The RainEnglish Medium
6Television Vs NewspaperEnglish Medium
7Little by Little One Walks Far!English Medium
8PeaceEnglish Medium
9Selection the Right CareerEnglish Medium
10A World Without BooksEnglish Medium
11Great ExpectationsEnglish Medium
12Population Growth and World Food SuppliesEnglish Medium
13FaithfulnessEnglish Medium
14Essay on My SelfEnglish Medium
15Essay on Independence Day of PakistanEnglish Medium
17Essay on My Favorite CareerEnglish Medium
18Essay on Quaid e AzamEnglish Medium

Class 10 English Notes – All Chapters

Translation Ch 3:

Short Questions Ch 3: 6 Questions

10th Class English Key Book PDF

All the 10th Class English Notes have been added to our site along with other educational materials that you can also find easily and download efficiently. These Notes are based on the most recent English textbook and according to the syllabus. English Notes may also be used to review all topics before exams, which is a better way than looking at the whole book.


We provide the best Class 10 English tips that everyone can find and view online as well, but it also provides other important research material you need for getting outstanding marks in the exam. On this site, you will find online thousands of past papers, short questions, and other good research materials for all the students of Class 10 to learn more effectively.  So, get in touch.

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