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Class 9 Urdu Notes Free Download In Pdf 2023

Class 9 Urdu Notes

Let me tell you how to easily create Class 9 Urdu Notes for yourself on our website. We provide you with MC questions, comments, and more. So, keep scrolling and check it out!

Learning Class 9 Urdu is not as difficult as we think. We have many resources, but we are not aware of them. Of course, most of us think that the best source is a good teacher, but you can also learn Urdu essays by reading stories, paragraphs, and articles from books. You can also read Urdu novels, digests, magazines, and newspapers.

Download Class 9 Urdu Notes Punjab Board

We have succeeded in assembling and editing PDFs of Class 9 Urdu Notes. But one thing to keep in mind is that before work there needs to be a plan, a map of the future because after hard work and effort you need a goal. We offer high-quality Class 9 Notes in PDF format for reading and downloading from our website.

Complete Syllabus of Class 9 Urdu Notes PDF

Choosing good books and notes is also very important to get the best grades in the exam. We provide Unique and Smart Urdu Notes for the 9th Class which is the result of our capable teachers’ hard work to provide such unique materials to all 9th ​​Class students.For the stated purpose, according to the syllabus, we have provided a free Complete Syllabus of Class 9 Urdu Notes PDF to get the best results in the exam.

Class 9 Urdu Notes

Download Full PDF of Class 9 Urdu Notes

Urdu is one of the most important subjects taught at our elementary level. Urdu is a simple subject, but the scholar must be conscientious to motivate his exam to the maximum. To get good grades in Urdu essays, here scroll down and download the Full PDF of Class 9 Urdu Notes under one roof.

Download Full Urdu Notes Class 9th

Chapter Wise Class 9 Urdu Notes PDF

If you are looking for Chapter Wise Class 9 Urdu Notes PDF? then you have come to the right place and you will have your desired result. So read this post carefully and enjoy your reading and share it with your friends and colleagues.

MC Essential Questions For 9th Class Urdu Students

The good news for Urdu students in Class 9 is that we provide solutions to the best MC Essential Questions for Class 9 Urdu Students, which include all. Students should practice most of these to get good grades in exams. These multiple-choice questions along with the answers will help you overcome the fear and improve your skills while getting the best results on the exam.

So don’t miss it and visit our website to find the solution with all necessary MC Questions regularly.

Class 9 Urdu Notes, All Chapters, Exercises, MCQs

Khulasa Ch 1: 1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 18 Questions

MCQs Chapter 1:  40 Questions

Khulasa Ch 2: 1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 2:  7 Questions

MCQs Chapter 2:  50 Questions

Khulasa Ch 3: 1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 3: 6 Questions

MCQs Chapter 3: 45 Questions

Khulasa Ch 4: 1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 4: 10 Questions

MCQs Chapter 4: 28 Questions

Khulasa Ch 5: 1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 5: 8 Questions

MCQs Chapter 5: 25 Questions

Khulasa Ch 6: 1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 6: 9 Questions

MCQs Chapter 6: 50 Questions

Khulasa Ch 7: 1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 7:  8 Questions

MCQs Chapter 7:  44 Questions

Khulasa Ch 8: 1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 8: 10 Questions

MCQs Chapter 8: 96 Questions

Khulasa Ch 9: 1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 9: 8 Questions

MCQs Chapter 9: 52 Questions

Khulasa Ch 10: 1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 10:  8 Questions

MCQs Chapter 10: 52 Questions

Khulasa Ch 11:1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 11: 1 Questions

MCQs Chapter 11: 50 Questions

Khulasa Ch 12: 1 Questions

Solved Exercise Ch 12: 5 Questions

MCQs Chapter 12: 5 Questions

Nazam: 3 Barsat ki Baharain

Nazam 3 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 3: 8 Questions

Nazam: 4 Pevesta Rah Shajar sy umeed bahar rakh

Nazam 4 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Nazam 4: 8 Questions

Ghazal No 1: Hasti apni Habab ki si hai

Ghazal 1 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Ghazal 1: 5 Questions

Ghazal No 2: Roh o Zulf Par Jaan Khoya Kya

Ghazal 2 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Ghazal 2: 7 Questions

Ghazal No 3: Dil e Nadan tujy Howa kya hai?

Ghazal 3 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Ghazal 3: 8 Questions

Ghazal No 4: Lagta Nahin hai Dil mera Ujry Dayar mein

Ghazal 4 Explanation:

Solved Exercise Ghazal 4: 6 Questions

Class 9 Urdu Grammar Notes PDF

ChaptersChapter NameMedium
1Quwaid o InshaUrdu Medium
2Mukalma NaveesiUrdu Medium
3Roadad NaveesiUrdu Medium
4Wahid JamaUrdu Medium
5Alfaz MutradifUrdu Medium
6MuhawraatUrdu Medium
7Tazkeer O TaneesUrdu Medium
8Sabqay aur LahqayUrdu Medium
9Khatoot NaveesiUrdu Medium
10Kahani NaveesiUrdu Medium
11DarkhuwastainUrdu Medium
12Mazmoon NigariUrdu Medium


We provide all lecture notes for all students with the help of trained teachers/lecturers for all Class 9 Urdu Notes for students to experiment and get the best percentage in their exams. Don’t worry and feel free to share these notes with colleagues, friends, and people who want to learn Urdu.

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