Class 10 Urdu Notes Free Download In PDF 2023

Students are not familiar with the idea of how to approach or solve problems. Well, we are here to provide you with Class 10 Urdu Notes that gives a good research paper to get the highest score in the exam.

Urdu is a subject taught to science and art students. Urdu is considered a fundamental subject because students are also taught from a basic level. The Urdu subject has two parts. The first is from a textbook, the second is part of the Urdu grammar. The parts of the grammar are conceptual and technical. So, note preparation is the best way to prepare for Urdu. For your convenience on our website, we have provided Urdu Notes for Class 10. These notes are available online on our website and you can also download these useful notes.

Class 10 Urdu Notes PDF Download

All information about the study can be found online. Class 10 Urdu Notes are also available on our website. Don’t worry about buying expensive help books to take notes or prepare in less time, just download Class 10 Notes Pdf 2022 online and start preparing for the exam to get a high score in the exam. Here you have it all at once. These notes are made by our talented teachers and toppers. Hurry up, download these notes and enjoy the best preparation.

Class 10 Urdu Notes Punjab Board

Most students think of Urdu lessons as low quality, so they spend more time on other major subjects without taking the preparation of this lesson seriously. It should be said that students live with misunderstandings. If Urdu is a low-scoring subject, how can level holders lose 8-10 points out of the total?

Can you explain the reason for this fact? We are here to explain and clarify your ideas. Students have no idea how to handle or solve questions of urdu class 10 notes national book foundation. These tutorial guidelines will help you to read your curriculum in such a way that you fully understand how to do your job.

Class 10 Urdu Notes
Class 10 Urdu Notes

Urdu Notes For 10th Class PDF

You have been given the best and most important material in the form of notes for maximum marks. Urdu is a subject that does not give full marks in the examination but can give full marks. Download Urdu Notes for 10th Class to prepare very well for Urdu subjects as well as for the Urdu language. Here are some tips to help you manage your paper time. We provide the best research site where you can get all the information related to your study. Our hard-working teachers produce great products for our students.

Download Full Urdu Notes 10th Class

Class 10 Urdu Notes Chapter Wise

Students, if you are interested in preparing other lessons, please let us know that we have uploaded notes for 10th-grade English grades, 9th grade Islamic online grades, and all other inclusive materials online. Even if you belong to the school board, that’s not a problem. Because the notes of almost all school authorities can be found here.

Class 10 Urdu Notes All Chapters, hamd, Nazam, Ghazal

ChaptersChapter NameMedium
1HamdUrdu Medium
2NaatUrdu Medium
3Mirza Mohammad SaeedUrdu Medium
4Nazria PakistanUrdu Medium
5Paristan ki ShahzadiUrdu Medium
6Urdu Adab may Eid ul FitrUrdu Medium
7Mujy Meray Doston sy BachaoUrdu Medium
8MulammaUrdu Medium
9Chugal KhorUrdu Medium
10Naam Dew MaliUrdu Medium
11Ali BakshUrdu Medium
12IstanbulUrdu Medium
13Khotoot e GhalibUrdu Medium
14Khotoot Rasheed Ahmed SiddiquiUrdu Medium
15Uth Band Kamar Keu Darta HaiUrdu Medium
16Bahadur BacchayUrdu Medium
17Medaan Karbala May Gharmi ki ShiddatUrdu Medium
18Fatima Bint AbdullahUrdu Medium
19KisanUrdu Medium
20Jivay Jivay PakistanUrdu Medium
21Ont Ki ShadiUrdu Medium
22Maal Ghodam RoadUrdu Medium
23Hisa Ghazal. Hasrat MohaniUrdu Medium
24Jigar Murad AbadiUrdu Medium
25Firaq Ghoar KaporiUrdu Medium
26Ada JaffriUrdu Medium

Class 10 Urdu Notes khulasa, solved Exercise, Mcqs

Khulasa Ch 7:

Solved Exercise Ch 7: 8 Questions

MCQs Chapter 7:  53 Questions


We give all class grades for all students with the help of competent teachers for all Class 10 Urdu so that the students can experience and get the best percentage in their exams. Do not worry and feel free to share these notes with colleagues, friends, and people who need to study Urdu.

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