July 15, 2024

Download 9th Class Islamiat Notes For FBISE 2023

9th Class Islamiat Notes

If you want to get good grades in the 9th class Islamic paper, the 9th Class Islamiat Notes Federal Board will help you immensely. For getting these notes, you have come to the right place. We have provided the best and most well-researched notes prepared by our expert and well-qualified teachers who help the students of class 9th to get the highest marks in final exams.

Download 9th Class Islamiat Notes

Islamic studies are compulsory subjects and are an interdisciplinary discipline between the humanities and the social sciences. It is better to study Islamiat and have a broad career in teaching, religious affairs, and other kinds of stuff. The subject of Islamiat enables students to study Islam in depth with a display of modern scientific, technological and social progress.

Islamiat creates an understanding of the modern challenges facing Islam and the Muslim Ummah. Islamic Studies enables the student to understand and solve current problems in the light of Islamic teachings to enhance the research abilities of the students.

Keeping in view of the above introduction of Islamiat subject, we are working hard and providing the high-quality supporting the 9th Class Islamiat Notes Federal Board. Just scroll down and download the excellent educational materials under one stop.

9th Class Islamiat Notes

9th Class Islamiat Notes Federal Board

Islamiat is an easy and interesting subject. The students can study these well-prepared notes from our website. The student must avail of this golden opportunity for the best performance in the Islamiat board exam. Students should take advantage of this offer without wasting their precious time and download the 9th Class Islamiat Notes Federal Board. These notes are best presented for our glowing stars and hard-working students. 

9th Class Islamiat Notes Federal Board Download PDF

Students can obtain a high level of information, including an advanced understanding of the religious, historical, and unexperienced aspects of Islam. The study of Islamiat also makes students understand the many ways in which Islam has been shaped. 

The study of these helpful notes covers all MCQs, questionnaires, and topics as well. These notes are very helpful to get high marks in the final exam for the student in the 9th class. So, keep in touch with us and download the 9th class Islamiat notes federal board PDF.

9th Class Islamiat Notes Federal Board 

We endeavor to provide students with a brighter future with the help of past papers, assessment papers, and other important research materials. The student should take advantage of this offer without wasting his precious time. If you are looking for the 9th Class Islamiat Notes Federal Board, download them easily from this website, and learn the Islamic study more effectively.

Federal Board Islamiat Notes For 9th Class

As we know, nearly everyone gives Islamiat in Urdu; still, there’s also a conspicuous amount of scholars who give Islamiat papers in English. We have also accumulated Federal Board  Islamiat notes for 9th class in Urdu for those scholars. You can download a PDF train of these notes by following the below link. 

9th Class Islamiat PDF Notes

ChaptersChapter NameMedium
1OverviewUrdu Medium
2Ayat 1 – 10Urdu Medium
3Ayat 11 – 19Urdu Medium
4Ayat 20 – 28Urdu Medium
5Ayat 29 – 37Urdu Medium
6Ayat 38 – 44Urdu Medium
7Ayat 45 – 48Urdu Medium
8Ayat 49 – 58Urdu Medium
9Ayat 59 – 64Urdu Medium
10Ayat 65 – 69Urdu Medium
11Ayat 70 – 75Urdu Medium
12Ahadees MubarkaUrdu Medium
13Quran Ul MajidUrdu Medium
14Allah Aur Uss K Rasool Ki MuhabbatUrdu Medium
15Ilm Ki Farziyat o FazeelatUrdu Medium
16ZakattUrdu Medium


Islamiat is the most important subject in which students are taught about Islam. Students should be aware of the knowledge of Islam so Islamic studies are educated in schools and colleges. Understanding Islam without a teacher and or without notes is not a good option for students however, if you have no other choice then start with good intentions and the path will be easier for you. Therefore, it is better to read 9th class Islamiat notes which are made according to the federal board syllabus. The student will be able to get the full marks in Islamiat with the help of these well-prepared notes. 

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