June 14, 2024

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chats on Android and iPhone

Inadvertently deleted an WhatsApp message you didn’t really intend to? We’ve all experienced it. There are few things more annoying then losing all your WhatsApp chat history. Especially in the case of WhatsApp for business to manage your corporate communications it could become more significant. From crucial contact details to crucial customer information Losing your WhatsApp chats could be a disaster for both your company’s strategy as well as the everyday running of your communication.

In the event that you delete accidentally your WhatsApp messages First step is determine if you’ve created some Google Drive or iCloud backups. To determine this on an iPhone Go to Settings and then Chats and then Chat Backup and verify the date when your previous iCloud backup was made. To determine this the same on an Android device make sure you connect to that account Google account and phone number that you have used to create your WhatsApp account. Then, check to verify whether you can see if a Google Drive backup occurred. created.

But what happens if you’ve never created an backup to iCloud or Google Drive, and you’ve permanently deleted your messages? Fortunately, there are many methods to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages without the need for a backup. You can check your local backup log on your Android device or utilize an application from a third-party like EaseUS MobiSaver, IMyFone D-Back or Dr.Fone for instance, to recover the deleted WhatsApp data.

How do I restore WhatsApp messages with out having a backup

How do I restore WhatsApp messages with out an backup on Android

Android devices have the ability to store a local backup history that is frequently up-to-date. If you want to use this feature in order to restore your data follow these steps:

  1. Locate WhatsApp in the WhatsApp directory using the Android device’s file manager Select the WhatsApp directory, then select “Database.”
  2. Choose your WhatsApp backup file you wish to recover from.
  3. Remove and install the WhatsApp application to your device.
  4. Verify your number.
  5. WhatsApp will scan for backups within your device.
  6. Select Restore to retrieve lost messages.

How do I restore WhatsApp messages even without an backup on iPhone

iPhones don’t have an internal backup database, like Android phones, which means you’ll have to use an external tool. There are a variety of 3rd-party data recovery tools available on the market that can recover deleted WhatsApp data even without having a backup.

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages

Even though WhatsApp does not have a integrated tool to assist you recover deleted messages however, you are able to nevertheless recover the messages using a variety of methods. But, the methods for recovery typically depend on the kind that device the user is using. For instance the methods that work for Android devices might not be applicable to iPhones.

Let’s begin by diving in and find out how to recover the old WhatsApp messages using your Android device.

Recover deleted WhatsApp messages with Android

Many Android devices are today completely and fully compatible with WhatsApp. Like other platforms, you can erase your WhatsApp data within only a few minutes. The loss of your data could occur in the event that you accidentally click”delete,” or accidentally press the “delete” button or switch to a different device.

Happily, WhatsApp has a cloud-based backup solution that could be a lifesaver in the event that you are unable to locate your messages and need to recover the messages. How exactly does it function?

Third-party tools can recover deleted WhatsApp chat history

EaseUS MobiSaver

EaseUS MobiSaver is designed specifically to assist users recover data like WhatsApp messages and other media. Alongside messages it is also able to restore media like photographs, videos contacts, voice notes, contacts as well as chat histories. It can be used on each version of Windows as well as Mac and is made to be safe and secure.

iMyFone D-Back

iMyFone provides a complete, all-in-one data recovery service to recover messages and other media from applications like WhatsApp. This software will help you quickly and effortlessly restore all of your data on iOS or Android devices with no backups.


Dr.Fone provides a variety of tools that can satisfy your mobile requirements including WhatsApp Transfer and Password Management to Data Recovery. This solution is specialized and lets you selectively restore the data you require using a custom software that works on iOS as well as Android devices.

What can I do to see deleted messages within WhatsApp?

If a message is deleted from the person who sent it through the ‘Delete For Everyone feature, it’s impossible to read the deleted message. If, however, you have an backup of the chats prior to the time it was deleted it is possible to restore the deleted chats to the backup to view what was deleted message.


The recovery of deleted WhatsApp chats as well as media are feasible if you have backups. backup. It is important to frequently backup the contents of your WhatsApp chats to ensure that you don’t lose vital messages as well as media. If you do not have an backup then it might never be possible for you in order to recover those deleted chats. Follow these steps in order to recover deleted WhatsApp chats as well as media from Android and iPhone and also in order to backup all of your WhatsApp messages. Always remember that it’s safer to be safe rather than sorry, so be sure you backup your chats frequently.