May 30, 2024

Gates Cambridge Scholarship In Uk 2023-2024

GATES Cambridge Scholarship

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship is the world’s renowned and most prestigious college, intends to develop an interactive community of future world leaders. 

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

On October 2K, the Bill and Melinda Gates made the largest single donation to a UK university in history, donating US$210 million to the University of Cambridge. The first part of the study began in October of 2k21. 

Every year, the Gates Cambridge Scholarship provides about 80 full-fee scholarships to outstanding international students who intend to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree in any discipline at the University of Cambridge. Around two-thirds of the grants will go to Ph.D. students, with around 25 awards in the US round and 55 awards in the foreign round. 

Following are the selection criteria: 

_high intellectual ability 

_reasons for course selection 

_a commitment to make a real difference in the lives of others _potential for leadership

At any given moment, there are 225 Scholars at least from over 50 countries studying at Cambridge who pursue the complete range of topics offered by the University and are distributed across its departments and Colleges, as well as constituting their distinct community. 

There are currently over 1,700 Gates Cambridge Alumni around the world. 

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship Program aims to build a global network of future leaders committed to improving people’s lives. It intends to achieve this objective by identifying great scholars, providing financial and non-financial assistance at one of the world’s best institutions, and facilitating community building at Cambridge and beyond. 

Funding : 

A Gates Foundation Grant The Cambridge Scholarship covers the entire expense of attending Cambridge University. Additionally, it offers discretionary cash. 

Core components 

_the correct rate for the University Composition Fee* 

_ a single student’s maintenance allowance (£18,384 for 12 months at the rate for 2022-23; pro-rata for courses lasting less than a year) — the award is for up to 4 years for Ph.D. students. 

_a single economy airfare at the start and end of the course

_ Immigration Health Surcharge and incoming visa fees 

The University Composition Fee depends on student type. For exact numbers, applicants may consult the Graduate Studies Prospectus. If a student receives a fee award from a public authority (such as the UKRI), the Trust will not pay the fees unless they accept it. 

Discretionary components 

The Trust reviews proposals for a variety of types of supplemental funding on a discretionary basis: 

_ Academic development scholarship varies between £500 and £2,000 depending on the length of your program. 

_Family allowance Is presently worth up to £10,120 for one child and £14,440 for two or more (2022-23 rate TBC). A partner does not receive any funding. 

_you can keep your maintenance allowance while doing Ph.D. fieldwork. 

— you can request a break from your studies for up to 6 months while still earning your maintenance allowance if you need it. 

_ Hardship assistance is available to help students with unexpected issues. 

The Trust maintains the right to reduce or not provide the usual maintenance allowance if you get an income from an employer or have

another substantial scholarship. Please tell the Trust as soon as possible if you get any financial assistance for your Cambridge degree. 

What is not covered? 

The scholarship pays for the majority of the student’s expenditures. Bench fees, scientific equipment, and other academic resources are not covered. The Trust believes that the Cambridge academic department will cover the cost of such essential courses. 

Gates Cambridge scholarship requirements 

Eligibility Criteria: 

To apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship program, you must follow specific conditions. Only those who are eligible will be considered: 

_Are citizens of a country that is not a member of the United Kingdom. 

_Applying to any of the University of Cambridge’s full-time residential degrees. 

_Obtains acceptance into any of the following degrees: 

● Ph.D. 

● M.Sc. or M.Litt. degree 

● One-year postgraduate program

You can be a current University of Cambridge student planning to apply for a relevant course next year, but you should not enroll in any other systems in the meantime. 

The following programs are not eligible for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship: 

● Undergraduate Degree 

● Master of Business Administration (MBA) 


● Master of Finance (MFin) 

● Business Doctorate (BusD) 

● MBBChir Clinical Studies 

● Graduate Course in Medicine (A101) 

● MD (6 years, part-time) 

● Part-time Courses 

● Non-degree Courses 

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship program, run by the University of Cambridge, awards full scholarships to 80 excellent international postgraduate applicants. This scholarship not only covers the entire cost of studying in the United Kingdom but also covers a variety of non-academic expenses. 

Applications are accepted in two rounds: the US round awards 25 students, and the international round awards 55 students. 

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship is awarded to approximately 65 percent of Ph.D. students. 

M.Sc, M.Litt, Ph.D., and most one-year PG programs are eligible for the award. 

Students currently enrolled at the University of Cambridge who have not yet begun a postgraduate course can apply for the scholarship.

Every year in September, the application process begins, and the Gates Cambridge Scholarship deadlines vary depending on the course and type of scholarship. 

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship covers tuition, living expenses, travel expenses, academic development grants, family allowances, maternity/paternity leave, and even hardship funding for unforeseen situations, ensuring that students maintain a positive attitude while studying. 

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship application: 

Graduate App Portal is where applicants apply for admission and funding (Gates Cambridge and other funds). 

To be eligible for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship, you must first apply for a program and a College place and then complete the Gates Cambridge component of the funding section. While reviewing applications, Gates Cambridge has access to the whole application for admission and funding. 

If you think you could be qualified for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, read on to learn more about the application procedure. 

How to apply? 


The organization’s goals include creating a global network of future leaders dedicated to improving the lives of others, selecting brilliant scholars, offering support at one of the world’s best universities, and fostering community building at Cambridge and beyond.

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