June 14, 2024

How to Join TikTok Creativity Program Beta?

It’s only been few weeks since we published our Guide to TikTok Creator Fund. TikTok Creator Fund however seemingly out of the blue, TikTok has decided to end the fund.

Don’t worry about it, TikTok already has a replacement in the works and we’re here to tell you everything about it.

In the wake of Creator Fund no longer in existence with the Creator Fund gone, the new Creativity Program is designed to solve the weaknesses that its previous version had and offer better ways to monetize creators.

With the transition away from Creator Fund, TikTok is moving away from Creator Fund TikTok is hoping to provide more competitive compensation, as well as new methods for creators to earn money through their content.

As creators are able to adapt to this new environment Everybody wants to know more about how the Creativity Program can increase monetization opportunities and allow creators to be compensated fairly for their creativity. So, let’s start!

What’s The TikTok Creativity Program?

TikTok announced it’s Beta Version of their Creative Program in the latter part of February 2023 and presented a new way to remunerate financially creators by allowing them to provide useful content for its users.

Creators from Europe, the U.S., U.K., France, and Germany will transfer onto the Creativity Program from the Creator Fund.

This program will solve the issue of discontent that was expressed by a few creators over the money they were receiving through TikTok’s Creator Fund. TikTok Creator Fund.

TikTok have made some bold assertions it claims that with its Creativity program, creators have the potential to earn as much as twenty times more than they earned from the prior fund.

Although it’s probably too early to draw any conclusions, the possibility of a significant increase in income is certainly appealing to many content creators. This could turn out to be a lucrative option for a lot of creators seeking to turn this side hustle into a full-time career.

Who is eligible for The TikTok program for creativity?

When the program opens for all content creators within the next few months TikTok will require a number of requirements for those who want to make use of it.

It’s restricted only to content creators to:

  • Are at minimum 18 years old
  • Meet the minimum follower requirements and video requirements
  • Keep your the account in good standing

Although TikTok did not explicitly state what the minimum follower or video requirement could be however it is possible that it will become more unique than its Creator Fund. The Creator Fund stipulates that content creators to be able to demonstrate at least 100,000 genuine videos viewed in the past 30 days and to have at minimum 10,000 followers.

In the report by the information, TikTok leaders discussed setting the threshold for follower minimums at 100,000, which is substantially higher than the threshold of Creator Fund. Creator Fund. But, TikTok does not yet confirm this requirement, and it’s possible that the threshold could be smaller.

TikTok’s Creator Fund against. Creativity Program

The requirements to join both the existing Creator Fund and the new Creativity Program are the same. TikTok claims that users already members of the former program are able to switch onto this new program. It’s not clear if TikTok will replace with the Creator Fund entirely once the Creativity Program moves out of beta. In the meantime, Creativity Program Beta does, however, include the new requirement for receiving money that videos have to be longer than one minute in length to be considered monetizable.

It is important to know that users who are currently enrolled in the Creator Fund and decide to switch to the Creativity Program can not switch to the Creator Fund again. Therefore, be cautious. TikTok describes this new system as a chance to earn more profits in addition to ” unlock more exciting, real-world opportunities.” Because it’s new it’s still too early to find out what this actually means. The creators are able look at their video’s statistics and revenue estimations on the new dashboard.

TikTok provides a variety of options for creators to earn money on top of creator funds, such as gifts, tips and the new Series that permits creators to put a portion or all of their content behind a paywall to subscribers only. While the competition from other platforms increases, TikTok is constantly seeking ways to attract content creators to join its platform and remain. Its Creativity Program is expected to grow to other areas in the near future.

How do I apply to the TikTok Creativity Program

TikTok hasn’t yet provided requirements for applying to the program beyond notifying us that applications will be open “within the coming months.” People who are registered with the TikTok Creator Fund will be eligible to switch onto the Creativity Program and those who aren’t currently registered with the Creator Fund are able to apply for the Creativity Program as soon as it’s launched.

The problem is, The Verge pointed out that users can’t switch into The Creator Fund once they make the switch.

TikTok hasn’t yet announced if they will announce that the Creativity program will take over the Creator Fund after it’s been fully in place however it is possible. Therefore, it’s recommended to keep expanding your audience and creating high-quality content that will increase engagement.

This post will be updated as new information on the program is made available.