Fulbright Scholarship for Pakistan 2023

The Fulbright Scholarship for Pakistan is the flagship international exchange scholarship program between the U.S Government and 155 countries. Each year, approximately 1,800 Fulbright scholarships are awarded to excellent foreign students who wish to pursue a Masters’ or Ph.D. Degree in the United States. The Fulbright Scholarship Program provides full funding for the duration of the study which includes tuition, textbooks, airfare, a living stipend, and health insurance.

The Fulbright Scholarship program provides a year of professional enrichment in the United States for experienced professionals from designated countries throughout the world.

Fulbright Scholarship for Pakistan

Fulbright Scholarship for Pakistan

The United States Education Foundation of Pakistan (USEFP) is pleased to announce the Fulbright Student Competition 2022. The competition is part of the US State Department’s flagship Fulbright program, a flagship program for scholarships in 160 countries. The program fully funds postgraduate education at leading American universities, including teaching, nursing, insurance, and air travel. After completing their degree, returning Fulbright participants contribute to the growth and development of Pakistan by teaching at Pakistani universities or by participating in important community and government services.

Since 2005, the Fulbright Scholarship in Pakistan is the largest program in the world, funded by the US government. In 2022, USEFP received 1,191 applications. Following a severe selection process, 213 scholarships (138 masters and 75 physicians) were selected from 51 different universities. Of these, the Government of Pakistan has been cooperating with the United States to provide annual funding for 25 doctoral students.

In a statement to potential applicants, USEFP Executive Director Rita Akhtar encouraged qualified, aspiring workers working for the social or economic advancement of Pakistan and all those with dreams of studying in the United States. See what they apply. “Bill Fighters,” she noted, “about half came from all over Pakistan, some women, some professionals, others recent graduates, and some disabled people.”

As Farah Cherry Medor, the embassy’s cultural coordinator said: “Just as American leadership has spread to all parts of American society, there is also the Fulbright project, which is ‘what it is.’ The U.S. delegation is proud to support this tough, competitive approach. The program aims to build stronger relationships between Americans and Pakistanis and aims to differentiate applicants with academic interests and leisure activities. “

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Fulbright Scholarship Program

The USEFP is a bilateral group formed in 1950 by the US and Pakistani governments. Since its inception, more than 9,000 Pakistanis and more than 935 Americans have participated in USEFP exchange programs. Its purpose is to enhance mutual understanding between the people of the United States and Pakistan through exchange programs.

Fulbright Scholarship Program

Fulbright offers the following program

  • Energy, 
  • Water, 
  • Agriculture, 
  • Health,
  • Education,
  • Environmental Sciences and The Social Sciences.

Keep in mind that although the Fulbright scholarship program does not include pharmaceuticals, non-medical public health applications are encouraged. Fulbright program scholarships are based on merit, which is broadly defined and not limited to standards and test results.

What are the eligibility criteria for applying for a Fulbright Scholarship?

  • Although all areas except medicine are suitable.
  • Higher education Pakistani citizens have the right to participate.
  • During the training, the applicant must be a permanent resident of Pakistan.
  • Welcome to apply to all subjects except medical medicine.
  • People are encouraged to work in the fields of energy, water, agriculture, health, education, social sciences, and the environment.
  • Applicants applying for a master’s program must have a bachelor’s degree and a doctoral degree. Applicants need a master’s degree.
  • For Masters
  • For the master’s program, candidates must have a four-year bachelor’s degree or have completed a total of 16 years of education from an accredited university.
  • New graduates are encouraged to apply, except for MBS and Public Policy applicants who required 2 years of work experience together with a bachelor’s degree

Fulbright Scholarship Requirements?

Scholarship application

An online application with references and necessary documents must be submitted by uploading the following documents.

  • Application form
  • Three reference letters
  • GRE results report
  • Explain the grading scale for a university that awards degrees with scanned academic transcripts.
  • Documents must be certified by HEC.
  • Academic degrees and transcripts must be approved by the authority at the time of application.

Benefits/costs through Fulbright Scholarship

US government grants under the Fulbright Scholarship cover almost all expenses:

  • Tuition Fee
  • Textbooks and all other compulsory study material
  • Cost Of Living
  • Flight
  • Subsidy For Living Expenses
  • Health Insurance

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