May 30, 2024

Class 9 Islamiat Notes Free Download In PDF

Class 9 Islamiat Notes

Are you looking for Class 9 Islamiat  Notes for yourself on our website. So here you can download it from our website with high quality and well research Notes.

There is no priesthood in Islam as all Muslims are required to study the basics of their religion. Islamiat should aim at promoting intellectual growth. However, Islamiat is taught as a compulsory subject in the Class 9. If you want to study Islam in depth, you can visit our website and download the Class 9 Computer Notes and Class 9 Pak Studies Notes.

Students will gain a high level of knowledge, including a highly developed understanding of the religious, jurisprudential, historical, modern and spiritual aspects of Islam. Islamic study also prepare students to understand the various ways in which Islam has shaped the human experience, both past and present.

Download Class 9 Islamiat Notes PDF Punjab Board

We have succeeded in assembling and editing PDFs of Class 9 Islamiat  Notes. But one thing to keep in mind is that before work there needs to be a plan, a map of the future because after hard work and effort you need a goal. We offer high-quality Class 9 Notes in PDF format for reading and downloading from our website.

Complete Syllabus of Class 9 Islamiat Notes PDF

Choosing good books and notes is also very imperative to get the best marks in the exam. We provide Unique and well research Islamiat Notes for the 9th Class which is the result of our talented teachers’ hard work to provide such unique materials to all 9th ​​Class students.

Class 9 Islamiat Notes

According to the syllabus, we have provided a free Class 9 Islamiat Notes PDF to get the best results in the exam.

Packed PDF Of Class 9 Islamiat  Notes.

Islamiat  is one of the most important subjects taught at our elementary level. Islamiat  is a simple subject, but the scholar must be conscientious to motivate his exam to the maximum. To get good grades in Islamiat  essays, here scroll down and download the  Packed Islamiat Class 9 Notes under one umbralla.

Chapter Wise Class 9 Islamiat  Notes PDF

If you are looking for Chapter Wise Class 9 Islamiat  Notes PDF? then you have come to the right place and you will have your favorite outcome. So read this post judiciously and enjoy your reading and share it with your friends and colleagues.

Quesitonair For Class Class 9 Islamiat Students

A straightforward update for Class 9 Islamic students is that we provide the best Quesitonair For Class 9 Islamic Students, all inclusive. Students should practice most of them to get good marks in exams. These multiple choice questions along with the answers will help you to overcome the fear and increase your skills while getting the best results in the exam.

So don’t miss it and visit our website frequently to find and download the complete questionnaire for Class 9 Islamiat Studies.

Download Full Islamiat Notes 9th Class

Chapter Name: Surah Anfal

Translation Ayat 1-10:

Short Questions Ayat 1-10 36 Questions

MCQs  Ayat 1-10: 48 Questions

Chapter Name: Surah Anfal

Translation Ayat 11-19:

Short Questions Ayat 11-19: 26 Questions

MCQs  Ayat 11-19: 40 Questions

Chapter Name: Surah Anfal

Translation Ayat 20-28:

Short Questions Ayat 20-28: 25 Questions

MCQs  Ayat 20-28:  Questions

Chapter Name: Surah Anfal

Translation Ayat 29-37:

Short Questions Ayat 29-37: 23 Questions

MCQs  Ayat 29-37: 24 Questions

Chapter Name: Surah Anfal

Translation Ayat 38-44:

Short Questions Ayat 38-44: 14 Questions

MCQs  Ayat 38-4427 Questions

Chapter Name: Surah Anfal

Translation Ayat 45-48:

Short Questions Ayat 45-48: 16 Questions

MCQs  Ayat 45-48: 30 Questions

Chapter Name: Surah Anfal

Translation Ayat 49-58:

Short Questions Ayat 49-58: 15 Questions

MCQs  Ayat 49-58: 26 Questions

Chapter Name: Surah Anfal

Translation Ayat 59-64:

Short Questions Ayat 59-64: 14 Questions

MCQs  Ayat 59-64: 22 Questions

Chapter Name: Surah Anfal

Translation Ayat 65-69:

Short Questions Ayat 65-69: 9 Questions

MCQs  Ayat 65-69: 20 Questions

Chapter Name: Surah Anfal

Translation Ayat 70-75:

Short Questions Ayat 70-75: 9  Questions

MCQs  Ayat 70-75: 16 Questions

Chapter Name: The Holy Quran

MCQs Chapter 1:  Questions

Short Questions Ch 1:  Questions

Long Questions Ch 1: 3 Questions

Chapter Name: Love of Allah and His prophet

MCQs Chapter 2: 25 Questions

Short Questions Ch 2: 19 Questions

Long Questions Ch 2: 4 Questions

Chapter Name: Obligation to Acquire Knowledge and its Excellence

MCQs Chapter 3: 26 Questions

Short Questions Ch 3: 35 Questions

Long Questions Ch 3: 3 Questions

Chapter Name: Zakat

MCQs Chapter 4: 20 Questions

Short Questions Ch 4: 14 Questions

Long Questions Ch 4: 5 Questions


We provide all the lectures to all the students with the help of trained teachers / lecturers to research all the Class 9 Islamiat Notes so that the students can get the best ratio in their exams. Download and share these tips with colleagues, friends and those interested in studying Islamiat.

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