July 15, 2024

Class 12 English Notes Free Download In PDF 2023

Class 12 English Notes

Are you looking for Class 12 English Notes? We upload and provide the best quality and well-researched notes for all the students of Class 12.

English is important because it is one of the main means by which we communicate and communicate with others. It enables us to communicate with others. As a universal language and the most important language for people in many parts of the world, English serves as an example of the importance of a language. It is the most widely spoken language in the world.

English communication is also used as a mother tongue in many countries. Many fields, including education, medicine, engineering, and business, rely heavily on English. Many factors play a role in making English the most important subject in the world.

On our website, every student of Class 12 can find and download the Class 12 English Notes that contain answers and questions to all chapters, abstracts, closing points, pairs of words, etc. These notes should not be limited to you, but should also be shared with your friends as well.

Class 12 English Notes Punjab Board

English is the most interesting subject. Every student of class 12 can search and download these Notes in PDF format from our website. These notes have been prepared and designed by our competent teachers so that students can read English more effectively and take high marks in the exam. 

It is very important to learn and study English in the 21st century. English is the language of international communication in various fields such as politics, science, technology, art, and media. So, if you want to be an informed citizen, you have to learn English, as well as this is very important for the student of Class 12 to make it very easier.

The Class 12 English subject is very imperative for the student to grow their mind, and advance their worth in life by providing job opportunities. So, don’t waste your time and money as well download the Class 12 English Notes PDF complete in all respect under one roof.

Class 12 English Notes

English Notes For Class 12 

In a competitive world, everyone wants to be superior to others. English is considered an international language and is widely used internationally. This is a great subject that we read and learn from childhood. It is used in all areas of life. Therefore, students must be good at English. Everyone, can improve career scenarios and meet people from all over the world.

Download Full English Notes Class 12

For the stated purpose above, the English subject for class 12 is very important. We work hard to provide well research and unique English Notes for Class 12  and other chapters as well according to the Punjab board syllabus.

Class 12 English Notes PDF

These notes are primarily helpful for scholars. Scholars don’t need to worry about English notes; Pakstudy.pk is furnishing the Class 12 English Notes in pdf form, which the scholars can fluently download from then and can save them. Save your time and download the 2nd Year English notes pdf Punjab Board to prepare yourself the best in the English test. 

2nd Year English Notes -All Chapters

ChaptersChapter NameMedium
1The Dying SunEnglish Medium
2Using The Scientific MethodEnglish Medium
3Why Boys Fail in CollegeEnglish Medium
4End of TermEnglish Medium
5On Destroying BooksEnglish Medium
6The Man Who was a HospitalEnglish Medium
7My Financial CareerEnglish Medium
8China’s Way to ProgressEnglish Medium
9Hunger and Population ExplosionEnglish Medium
10The Jewel of The worldEnglish Medium
11First Year at HarrowEnglish Medium
12Hitch Hiking Across the SaharaEnglish Medium
13Sir Alexander FlemingEnglish Medium
14Louis PasteurEnglish Medium
15Mustafa KamalEnglish Medium
19Essay on My First Day At CollegeEnglish Medium
21Essay on Importance of Muslim UnityEnglish Medium
22Essay on Quaid e Azam As A HeroEnglish Medium


These notes of 2nd year of English chapter 1 has question answer detail such as about wandering stars, Sir James Jeans, planets and their existence.

MCQs Chapter 1:6Questions

Short Questions Ch 1:8 Questions

Translation Ch 1:


If you haven’t taken note of anything or your note is missing somewhere, don’t worry. We offer you the best form of note-taking from the best and most skilled teachers. This is important for FSC students as it also contributes to the entrance test. Don’t waste time and download the Class 12 English Notes to prepare well for an English exam.

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