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12th Class Pakistan Studies Notes For FBISE Free Download In PDF 2022

Pakistan Studies is an important subject that is aimed at enhancing students’ knowledge of
Pakistan’s history, culture, and geography and inculcating a sense of patriotism among students so
that they can become good citizens.So, for this big purpose, we have provided the best and most
well-researched 12th Class Pakistan Studies Notes.

It will create enlightenment in the students and motivate them to realize what their ancestors failed to realize.
The subject of Pakistan studies was introduced to Pakistan during the national crisis. In 1971, the
ruling elite and scholars decided that there was an urgent need to explore the Pakistani community
in ways that promote East Pakistan’s breakdown, patriotism, national reconciliation, power, and
The first result of this thinking was the establishment of the Department of Pakistani Studies in 1973
at the University of Islamabad (now the Quaid-e-Azam University), the largest university in the
country. In 1976, the National Assembly of Pakistan passed the Pakistan Research Centers Act for
Advanced Studies and Research in Pakistan.Thus, centers for Pakistan studies have been established
at various provincial universities, and the National Institute for Pakistan Studies has been established
at Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad.
Because of the above, our goal is to provide the best single grade for all the class 12 students
developed by our knowledge-friendly teachers. So, keep in touch with us and download Class 12
Pakistan Studies Notes under one roof.

12th Class Pakistan Studies Notes PDF

Although Pakistan Studies is a compulsory subject in 12th Class of college, it is surprising that many
students are unaware of important historical figures and events. Even if they know something, it’s
just the names of certain celebrities, not the details of their success, their lives, and why they
succeed or fail. Books on different levels of Pakistan studies cover a subject that is repeated in each
book. It is not necessary to teach these selected subjects at all levels. Instead, it is necessary to add
more information and useful topics for students.
So, search our website and download the 12th Class Pakistan Studies Notes PDF and make sure every
student is ready for the exam.

12th Class Pakistan Studies Notes Federal Board

Pakistani research departments are currently functioning in various universities in Pakistan. Pakistan
Studies is an intermediate and multidisciplinary subject covering a wide range of social sciences. The
main objective of the subject is to impart in-depth knowledge of Pakistan through teaching and
research on the state and community of the country. Therefore, the program offers courses in
history, theory, politics, education, geography, economics, foreign relations, society, culture,
language and literature, customs, attitudes, and motivations.

For the stated purpose, and in addition to the above, we are committed to providing standardized
Class 12 Pakistan Studies Punjab Board and according to the syllabus as well, every student of class
12 can simply share these notes with friends and colleagues.

Notes for Pakistan Studies 12th Class Chapter 1

The main purpose of this subject of 12th Class was to promote national unity, harmony, solidarity, and
harmony in the new generation. It is a field of study and necessary in high schools and universities.
But it depends on the teachers how they teach, whether they are just making emotional speeches or
teaching on a rational basis. This subject should be read logically so that students can receive
appropriate guidance about their country of origin. They must learn to respect their homeland, their
culture, their different religions, their languages ​​, and their societies. But they respect not only their
culture, religion, and state but also others.
Notes for Pakistan Studies 12th Class Chapter 1 and other chapters of Pakistan Studies are also
available on our website so that every student in the class can help and prepare themselves for the


We hope that the implementation of the suggestions of 12th Class Pakistan Studies Notes helps
achieve the goals of Pakistan Studies teaching. It is very important that textbooks are free from
prejudice and that they present real facts and figures.

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