May 31, 2024

Class 11 English Notes Free Download In PDF 2023

Class 11 English Notes

We know you are searching for Class 11 English Notes. We upload and provide the best quality and well research notes for all the students of Class 11.

English is a scoring subject which will be even better for Class 11 students. When we compare English with other subjects, we find that it gets higher marks. Also, English teachers are generally accessible and understandable. In other subjects, teachers should always stick to the book and provide formulas and principles for students.Download App For Class 11 English Notes

It takes time for an English teacher to understand each sentence. It also gives the child the strength to direct his or her thoughts. On our website, every student of Class 11 can find and download the Class 11 English Notes that contain answers and questions to all chapters, abstracts, closing points, pairs of words, etc. These notes should not be limited to you, but should also be shared with your friends.

Class 11 English Notes 

Each student must have a strong message in the language that English plays an important role in daily life. Learning English, opportunities to increase a good job. In addition, Therefore, students who want to make a good rating in the class 11 exam download these Class 11 English Notes without hesitation. 

1st Year English Solved Notes PDF Download

English is the most interesting subject. Every student of class 11 can search and download these Notes in PDF format from our website. These Notes have been skillfully created by teachers so that students can read English more effectively and take high marks in the exam.

The Class 11 English subject is very important for the student to develop their mind, and improve their quality of life by providing job opportunities. So, waste no time and download the mentioned complete notes under one roof. The student can easily and nicely attempt their final board exam, so the students can get full marks in the English exam by preparing these notes. So, keep in touch and just scroll down and download English Notes for Class 11.

Class 11 English Notes

Class 11 English Notes Punjab Board

Nowadays, more people are taking the time to read English as a second language. Many countries have included English in their school syllabuses and children start learning English at an early age. Whether you are looking for a new job or planning a trip around the world, learning English can help you move forward in life, both personally and professionally. 

Everyone, can improve career prospects and meet people from all over the world. For the stated purpose above, the English subject for class 11 is very important. We work hard to provide well research and unique English Notes and English MCQs and other chapters as well according to the Punjab board syllabus for English and Urdu medium students.

Download Full English Notes Class 11

1st year English Notes PDF

ChaptersChapter NameMedium
1Button ButtonEnglish Medium
2Clearing in the SkyEnglish Medium
3Dark They were, and Golden-EyedEnglish Medium
4Thank you, MamEnglish Medium
5The Piece of StringEnglish Medium
6The RewardEnglish Medium
7The Use of ForceEnglish Medium
8The Gulistan of SadiEnglish Medium
9The Foolish QuackEnglish Medium
10A Mild Attack of LocustsEnglish Medium
11I Have a DreamEnglish Medium
12The Gift of the MagiEnglish Medium
13God be PraisedEnglish Medium
14OvercoatEnglish Medium
15The Angle and the Author-and OthersEnglish Medium
16Heat LightningEnglish Medium
17Visit To a Small PlanetEnglish Medium
18The Oyster and the PearlEnglish Medium
19The RainEnglish Medium
20Night MailEnglish Medium
21Loveliest of Trees the Cherry NowEnglish Medium
22O Where are u Going?English Medium
23In the Street of the Fruit StallsEnglish Medium
24A Sindhi WomanEnglish Medium
25TimesEnglish Medium
26OzymandiasEnglish Medium
27The FeedEnglish Medium
28The Hollow MenEnglish Medium
29LeisureEnglish Medium
30RubaiyatEnglish Medium
31A Tale of Two CitiesEnglish Medium
32My Neighbor Friend Breathing His LastEnglish Medium
33He Came To Know HimselfEnglish Medium
34Gods AttributesEnglish Medium
35The Delight SongEnglish Medium
36Love an Essence of all ReligionsEnglish Medium
37A Man of Words and Not of DeedsEnglish Medium
38In Broken ImagesEnglish Medium
39Story on A Lion and A SlaveEnglish Medium

Class 11 English Notes PDF Download


It is very important to learn and study English in the 21st century. English is the language of international communication in various fields such as politics, science, technology, art, and media. So, if you want to be an informed citizen, you have to learn English, as well as this is very important for the student of 11th Class to make it very easier. So, get in touch and download Class 11 English Notes to become a well-established citizen as well.

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