May 30, 2024

Class 11 Urdu Notes Free Download In PDF 2023

Class 11 Urdu Notes 

Learning Urdu is very important. This is an equally important subject as the other subjects. If you are searching for the best Class 11 Urdu Notes free download, for exam preparation, you don’t need to wander here and there. Just scroll down.

Class 11 Urdu Notes 

Urdu is knowledge with great interest. Urdu is an important and compulsory course taught to both art and science majors. Urdu is one of the most expressive and moderate languages on the earth. It is deep and full as it contains words from many other languages as well as their own words.

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11th Class Urdu Notes

The reason for learning Urdu varies from person to person. For some, these may be purely scientific goals, and for some, they may want to probe into the depths of literature that open up after learning Urdu. For the stated purpose, we have uploaded the best quality Class 11 Urdu Notes, so every student of class 11 gets high marks in the exam with the help of these notes. 

Class 11 Urdu Notes For Punjab Board

These notes are prepared for Punjab board students by our talented and qualified teachers as well. Students can take this opportunity from our website to get these notes completely free here. So, every student of class 11 well-prepared for your best performance on the Urdu exam board.

In these notes, all the important points and things are explained in the best and easiest way possible. These notes follow the pattern of the Punjab board exam. By finding these notes, students will easily discover solutions for the exam. So, download the Class 11 Urdu Notes PDF without hesitation.

Class 11 Urdu Notes

Urdu Notes For Class 11

Students can obtain complete study materials online on this website. We work hard to provide the best resources for your studies, your suggestions in this regard will also be highly appreciated. We will continue to add updated notes, past papers, and other objects over time.

In addition to the above, students can save money and time by downloading these helpful notes from our website. So, keep in touch and download Urdu Notes for Class 11 free of cost.

Download Full Urdu Notes Class 11th

1st Year Urdu Solved Notes PDF Download

Now you don’t have to buy Urdu notes for the first year or various helpful books for preparation. Along with these Urdu first-year notes, notes of other class 11 are also available which you can easily download and save in the soft form as well.Providing the best and most relevant exam material to all students is a priority for our team. Our lecturers write these notes in a way that makes difficult subjects easy for all students to understand. Stay tuned with us for further updates visit this website regularly to download the Class 11 Urdu Notes Punjab board and other materials as well.

Class 11 Urdu Notes-Chapter Wise

ChaptersChapter NameMedium
1Uswa E HasnaUrdu Medium
2Apni Madad ApUrdu Medium
3Sir Syed K Akhlaq O KhasailUrdu Medium
4Abu Al Qasim ZahraviUrdu Medium
5Adeeb Ki IzzatUrdu Medium
6Over CoatUrdu Medium
7SifarishUrdu Medium
8Chiragh Ki LooUrdu Medium
9Maktoobat E GhalibUrdu Medium
10Maktoobat E IqbalUrdu Medium
11Lahore Ka GeographiaUrdu Medium
12Dosti Ka PhalUrdu Medium
13Kya Wakai Dunia Goal hy?Urdu Medium
14Aur Ana Ghar Mein Murghio KaUrdu Medium
15HamadUrdu Medium
16NaatUrdu Medium
17Tasleem O RazaUrdu Medium
18Maidan E Karbala Mein Subha Ka ManzarUrdu Medium
19Mustaqbil Ki JhalakUrdu Medium
20BarsaatUrdu Medium
21Hilal E IstaqlaalUrdu Medium
22Khatab Ba Naujawan e IslamUrdu Medium
23PaighamUrdu Medium
24Abstract ArtUrdu Medium
25QitaatUrdu Medium
26Local BusUrdu Medium
27WahdaniatUrdu Medium
28Ghzal 1 (Meer Taqi Meer)Urdu Medium
29Ghzal 2 (Haider Ali Atish)Urdu Medium
30Ghzal 3 (Mirza Khan Dagh)Urdu Medium
31Ghzal 4 (Momin Khan Momin)Urdu Medium
32Ghzal 5 (Hasrat Mohani)Urdu Medium
33Ghzal 6 (Faiz Ahmad Faiz)Urdu Medium
34Mokalma NaveesiUrdu Medium

Urdu Class 11 Chapter 1 Notes PDF Download

Class 11 urdu notes chapter 1 includes khulasa, solved exercise and explanation of the chapter.

Khulasa Ch 1: 

Solved Exercise Ch 1: 4 Questions

Explanation Chapter 1:


Urdu is a very rich and meaningful subject, you will not find poetry like Urdu poetry anywhere in the world that connects you to God, every word has a history some words have such deep meaning that you will be amazed are going. So, do not worry, feel free to download the 11th Class Urdu Notes as well as share these notes with colleagues, friends, and people who want to learn Urdu.

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