July 15, 2024

Commonwealth Scholarship 2023

Commonwealth Scholarship

The Commonwealth Scholarship is one of the world’s most prestigious and well-known scholarship programs intended for talented individuals who would not be able to study in the UK.

Commonwealth Scholarship

Commonwealth Scholarship

The commonwealth scholarship was introduced in 1959 and this program has assisted around 35,000 Commonwealth individuals in completing postgraduate and doctoral courses as well as fellowships at prestigious British institutions. Commonwealth Shared Scholarships are for individuals from low- and middle-income Commonwealth nations who wish to pursue a full-time Master’s degree in specified programs at UK universities.

Continuing your education at a foreign university might be quite costly. You must also pay for airfare, lodging, food, healthcare, textbooks, and other expenditures in addition to the high tuition fee. if you wish to study for free at the University of the UK, applying for this program may be good for you.

The Department for International Development of the United Kingdom provides funding for this scholarship (DFID)

Every year, the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) offers roughly 800  brilliant students. The Programme allows them to get an international degree, improving their professional abilities in a nourishing environment all for free.

This program includes nearly all disciplines and addresses the following topics:

_Science and technology for development

_Strengthening health systems and capacity

_Promoting global prosperity

_Strengthening global peace, security, and governance

_Strengthening resilience and response to crises

_Access, inclusion, and opportunity

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan is the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission’s nominating authority.

Commonwealth Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

To apply for a Commonwealth Scholarship, you must be a

Commonwealth citizen or permanent resident,  be under the age of 40, and have a bachelor’s degree as a minimum qualification. you must have a minimum score of 60% in Social science and 65% in Science subjects.

What does Commonwealth Scholarship cover?

For full-time Master’s and Ph.D. studies, Commonwealth Scholarship programs cover:

_ CSC funds the airfare from your home country to the UK and the program will pay for your return trip home.

_The scholarship program also covers the host university’s approved tuition and examination fees.

_Each award laureate is also given a stipend or living allowance. This amount fluctuates depending on where you live.

_A warm clothing allowance is included in the Commonwealth Scholarship program

_ The cost of preparing a thesis or dissertation thesis grant is also provided.

_The cost of TB tests is also refunded that students need to take while applying for CSC.

_ Under some conditions, the program also allows for excess baggage allowance.

_In the case of single parents, widowed or divorced a child allowance may be paid if the children are living at the same address as the award recipient in the United State.

_A study travel grant is available to fund study-related travel throughout the United Kingdom and even internationally.

Tenure and Placement

While applying for the Commonwealth Scholarship, bear the following points in mind about tenure and placement.

_List three universities in the United Kingdom and, in order of choice, select appropriate courses. Because the CSC will not enable you to change universities or courses after the moment of selection, be extremely careful and explain your reasons.

_Only one degree can be obtained with this award.  Candidates who do not complete their studies within the allotted period will not be eligible for funding from the CSC.

_Only one-year taught Master’s programs are funded by the program. MBAs are not funded.

_The CSC only funds full-time study programs, so the candidate cannot pursue another course of study at the same time.

_The CSC can overrule the applicant’s preferences.

_The grant recipient must depart the United Kingdom within one month after the end of their award term or one month after the completion of their degree program, whichever comes first. If you don’t, your airfare and excess baggage allowance may be revoked.

Documents needed for Commonwealth scholarship:

The documentation you’ll need to submit to be considered for the

program are:

_ Passport

_ Two Recommendation Letters

_ English Proficiency  Certificate

_Physical Examination Form For Foreigners

_Study plan or research proposal

_Notarized Bachelor’s degree if you applying for Masters’s (MS), and Notarized Master Degree If you applying for Ph.D.

_ Notarized Bachelor Transcript if you applying for Masters and Master transcript if you are applying for Ph.D.

_ CV

Additional CSC Scholarship Documents:

_ Acceptance Letter

_ No Criminal Record

Academic IELTS test results (if applicable)

_Metric and Intermediate Certificates

The application process for CSC.

Furthermore, the Commonwealth Scholarship application procedure differs depending on the university you select, as each has its own set of criteria and requirements. Some institutions in the United Kingdom, for example, have made it essential for applicants to submit the official university admission form and meet other conditions before the deadline. The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission has financial agreements with three UK universities, according to the CSFP. The list can be seen on the program’s official website.

Visit the commonwealth scholarship official website

Can commonwealth scholarship join in Pakistan?

Eligibility Criteria of Commonwealth Scholarship for Pakistani Students. The students must be a citizen of Pakistan

When can I apply for the Commonwealth Scholarship 2023?

Application call for 2023 Commonwealth Scholarships – Fully Funded. The scholarship is open for commonwealth countries and the commonwealth scholarship deadline is November 2023.

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