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University of Health Sciences

university of health sciences

The University of Health Sciences (UHS) Lahore is a thriving, internationally recognized, student-centered research university with 71 affiliated colleges and institutes and approximately 48,000 undergraduate and 4,000 postgraduate students enrolled. It is one of the largest research universities in Pakistan.

 Established in 2002, the University is a private, non-profit institution. In the province, it was the first specialized health Sciences University to be formed to bring about a qualitative and quantitative revolution in medical education and research via the process of evolution. The University Of Health Sciences (UHS) is associated with almost all Punjab’s governmental and private medical and dentistry institutions.

They are committed to providing high-quality teaching in Basic Medical Sciences, reviving the neglected disciplines of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences, developing ground-breaking courses in Medical Education, Human Genetics, and Behavioral Sciences, and promoting indigenous research initiatives. 

Quality Assurance, Justice, Fair Play, Merit, and Transparency are among the core values of UHS, as is adherence to Standard Operating Procedures with zero tolerance for deviation, resistance to all pressures, the development of an innovative culture, and a commitment to implementation, output, and devotion to public service.

University Of Health Sciences Admission For 2022

The University of Health Sciences has announced that admissions to UHS Lahore for the class of 2022 are now officially open. Undergraduate programs in medicine and health sciences at UHS include MBBS, BDS, Pharm-D, DPT, and BSc(Hons) in 15 different fields. 

In addition to this, UHS offers medical sciences students the opportunity to pursue MPhil, MD, MS, FCPS, and MDS degrees via its Medical Sciences Program (MDS). ‘UHS’ is an abbreviation for the University of Health Sciences Lahore, founded in 2002. The University has complete supervision and management of overall institutions that provide medical and health education to students in Punjab.

Candidates who want to become a student member of the University of Health Sciences Lahore must submit their applications by the deadline specified in the UHS admission advertising 2022. In the following paragraphs, you will find a comprehensive guideline for admission, admission method, admission form, price structure, MCAT exam, UHS Lahore Entry test and merit list, and much more.

UHS Lahore Entry Test, And Admission GUIDE

In the disciplines of MBBS, BDS, Pharm D, Doctor of Physical Therapy DPT, BSc Nursing, and BSc (Hons) medical imaging technology, the University of Health Sciences Admissions 2022 has been announced, and interested candidates are invited to apply. For outstanding students who aspire to pursue a career in medicine or health care, the noble nature of the job is the primary source of inspiration. Because UHS provides them with a high-quality education that meets worldwide standards, they can make their goals come true.

A conspicuously displayed deadline is included in each admission advertising for UHS. There is also a detailed description of the whole application process for admission to the UHS. You may pick up a prospectus for UHS at the admissions office. For information on admission procedures, cost structures, important dates for admission, and entrance exam patterns, among other things, applicants should adequately review the prospectus before applying.


For admission into all of Punjab’s medical and dentistry institutions, the University of Health Sciences (UHS) is the provincial body that administers the Medical Colleges Admission Test (MCAT). To be considered for admission to one of the medical or dentistry institutions affiliated with the University of Hawaii System, applicants must take the MCAT Test. The UHS entrance exam is required for admission to the MS, MPhil, and Ph.D. programs.

Admission Criteria And Requirements For The University Of Health Sciences

Program-specific UHS entrance criteria and eligibility requirements are established for each program type. A minimum of 60 percent marks in the FSc examination are required for those seeking MBBS, BDS, and BSc(Hons). The MCAT entrance exam is required for admission to all public medical and dentistry schools in Punjab. Medical and dentistry schools in Punjab do not have age restrictions on who may apply for admission.

Scholarships At University Of Health Sciences

Scholarships are available to students who are in need or who have earned them. The Punjab government awards two merit-based scholarships each year to encourage MBBS and BDS students to pursue further education. The students granted this scholarship will get a scholarship value of Rs. 1000/- as a reward. University of Hawaii Scholarships are awarded based on a student’s test success in the prior year.

UHS Admission

According to the University, the University of Health Sciences (UHS), Lahore has released the most recent admission notice for MBBS/BDS, MSc, M.Phil, Ph.D., and other postgraduate programs for the next season. Because of this, the University of Health Sciences (UHS) provides undergraduate and postgraduate level courses in dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, allied health sciences, nursing, and biomedical engineering, among other disciplines.

 The University of Health Sciences is dedicated to providing students with a high-quality education and training for medical professionals. A vision to bring qualitative and quantitative revolution in medical education and research was developed in 2002 to bring a qualitative and quantitative revolution in medical education and research. The University of Health Sciences (UHS) is associated with many public and private medical and dentistry schools in Punjab.

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