May 30, 2024

Latest HEC Scholarship In 2023


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HEC Scholarship

The HEC Scholarship aims to improve the social and economic situation of students who allow modern education and professional opportunities to allow a great future.

HEC offers a long list of scholarship programs for students wishing to enroll in different degree programs under different disciplines. On our website, we are trying to discuss in detail all such outstanding HEC Scholarships as well as Financial Coverage Plan. The purpose of this policy is to increase the standard of education for graduates to international standards. So, stay with us and get the best accurate information about HEC Scholarships.

1. HEC Scholarship 2022 Coverage 

  • Provide the monthly stipend money disbursements.
  • Provide transportation fees etc.
  • Provide multiple job opportunities.
  • Provide health insurance.
  • Air ticketing 
  • Golden chance to learn languages such as Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and other languages as well.

As described above, the Government of Pakistan and the Higher Education Commission are working side by side for a better, brighter, and more wealthy future for Pakistan. Here is a list of all the national scholarships offered by HEC.


It is a scholarship program that aids poor students enrolled in the 94 public universities of Pakistan. Students can apply directly from the HEC website and submit the documents to the financial aid office of the relevant universities. The scholarship is strictly based on merit, and HEC reserves the right to revoke the scholarship award if the information provided by the applicant during physical verification is found to be doubtful and inaccurate.

3. Financial coverage HEC Need Base Scholarship

  • Tuition fees, 
  • Monthly stipend up to PKR 6,000/ per month,
  • Food expenditure as well.

So, regularly visit our website and find the best and most accurate information about HEC Need Based Scholarship 2023.

4. HEC Scholarship for PhD

Approximately 500 scholarships are announced each year by HEC to support a student pursuing a Ph.D. and also provide the best and latest research facilities for keen researchers.

Financial Benefits HEC Scholarship PhD

  • Monthly Rs. 13000/- stipend. 
  • University tuition fees as per actual.
  • Provision charges of Rs. 75,000/- per year for the workshop, reference book, stationery, and others.
  • Book allowance (for scholar) Rs. 5000/- per year.
  • The thesis fee is Rs. 10,000/- upon completion
  • Laptops for scholar 
  • Tuition, reference books, back volume, stationery, internet, etc.

Eligibility criteria

  • Candidate should have at least 16 years of education and not have 3rd division or Grade D in degree / certificate in the entire academic career.
  • Candidates applying for Director Ph.D. Scholarship must have a minimum CGPA of 3.0 out of 4.0 in the semester system.
  • Maximum age of 40 years on the last date of application.
  • Candidates who are already benefiting from another HEC Scholarship are not eligible to apply.

Finally, contact us and get the best and most accurate information about the HEC scholarship for PH. D student under one roof.

5. HEC Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship

According to the National Human Development Report, Pakistan is one of the youngest people countries in the world, considering its demographic reality which is older than university age. It is the priority of the Government of Pakistan to work and provide programs that motivate access to financially deserving students.

The strategy is to bring a large segment of youth into higher education and to create equal educational opportunities for all. For the stated purpose, as mentioned above, the Government of Pakistan launched this Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship program to support financially deserving people.

Documents Required for Ehsaas Scholarship 

  • Copy of applicant CNIC. 
  • CNIC copy (father, mother/guardian)
  • Salary Slip / Income Certificate (Father / Guardian, Mother)
  • If a father is a laborer on daily wage/shopkeeper / private employment, attach an income certificate on a minimum amount of Rs. 50 /-
  • Copies of last six months’ utility bills (electricity, gas, telephone, water) – (if applicable) 
  • Copy of rental agreement in case of the rented house
  • Copies of last fee receipts of applicants and siblings (if applicable)
  • Copies of documents related to medical bills/expenses (if applicable)
  • 01 Passport size photo of the applicant.
  • 01 Picture of the house from the outside of the front.

HEC Ehsaas scholarship eligibility criteria

  • New Candidates for the Fall 2023 Session at HEC’s Accredited Public Sector University
  • Students meet required standards and provide authoritative information required under project policy.
  • Admissions are based on merit only. Merit means that the student has met the admission criteria of the institution in which he/she wishes to study.
  • The age limit set by the institution’s regulations, i.e., the maximum age of eligibility for the scholarship, is equal to the maximum age for admission to undergraduate programs.

We hope that through our website, everyone can easily find the best and most accurate information about the HEC Scholarship Program under one roof that meets their needs. So, stay with us regularly. Good Luck